Monday, June 24, 2024

CNA Training

cna-01Looking for a rewarding job with benefits? Consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). MSAD #1 Adult Education conducts a CNA course twice a year. Contact them at (207) 764-4776 for more information.CNAs are in great demand all over the country, including Aroostook County. If you are a caring person who truly enjoys helping other people, you will not find a more rewarding career. It is hard work, but the effort you spend in helping others is returned to you many times with the satisfaction you bring home every day. You make a difference in other peoples' lives. For more information concerning CNA job duties, call the Director of Nursing at Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center, (207) 764-0145. Caribou and Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Centers may pay the cost of your CNA training in exchange for a one year work commitment (minimum of 1,000 hours must be worked, which is an average of 20 hours per week).

Benefits Include:
3 1/2 weeks vacation/sick time
Extra Pay Holidays
Health Insurance Assistance
$15,000 Free Life Insurance after 1,000 hours of Full Time Work

To take advantage of this opportunity:
  • First: Contact MSAD #1 Adult Education at 207 764-4776 for a CNA course application. You must pass a test and be interviewed by the instructor before you are accepted into the CNA course.
  • Second: If you want Caribou or Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center to pay the cost for you, you need to fill out an application with them (different from above) AFTER you have been accepted into the course. For more information on this, call the Administrator at the Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center (207 498-3102) or the Administrator at the Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center (207 764-0145). If there are unfilled positions and if your references are acceptable, we will pay your tuition for the course in exchange for a year of work (1000 hours minimum).
Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center is a clinical training site for MSAD#1's CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program and for the Northern Maine Community College's RN (Registered Nurse) program.